• The Mountain Time Trial

    The Mountain Time Trial

    Tyneside Vagabonds' Classic Time Trial
    Since 1947
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The Mountain Time Trial

The North East's premier cycling time trial
celebrates its 63rd edition in 2018

The 2019 Mountain Time Trial takes place on Sunday 19th May
Headquarters is at Belsay School
First rider starts at 10.01am



Ride the classic 47 mile course
Legendary post-race buffet for all riders
Extensive prize list and trophies for all categories



Entries are open now!
Enter online through the Cycling Time Trials website
Closing date for entries is Tuesday 7th May


The History

The Mountain Time Trial was first run in 1947



Initially run over a 67 mile course, the Mountain Time Trial was a ground-breaking event for the North East.  It took place in a different era when racing took place under much more secretive conditions!


In fact, the route was similar to the course currently used, taking in the climbs of Coldrife and Bilsmoor, but returning over the Ottercaps on the A696 rather than over WInter's Gibbet.  As ever, the event enjoyed "brilliant weather"! Pictured right is the feed zone on Coldrife during the inaugural event.

mtt 1947c

The winner, in a time of 3 hours 20 minutes and 33 seconds was Stan Bain of Barnesbury C.C.

The Course

The classic 47 mile course starts and finishes in Belsay, taking in Rothbury and Elsdon, and the climbs of Coldrife, Bilsmoor and Winter's Gibbet

The Trophies

Trophies are awarded for fastest man and woman, junior, and veteran on standard, as well as fastest man and woman on the timed ascent of Bilsmoor

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Legends of the Mountain TT

The Mountain TT has seen many great riders and performances over the years

Here are some of the highlights...

  • Jack Watson

    Jack Watson

    Jack Watson has been fastest veteran rider on standard in the MTT on no fewer than 11 occasions since 1998 and despite being in his 70s now, is quicker than many riders half his age
  • Chris Newton

    Chris Newton

    Former Olympic medallist and Commonwealth champion in the team pursuit, Chris Newton, from Stockton-on-Tees rode the MTT just once. In 2010, in what was his final year of racing, he set a new course record for the 47 mile course of 1:50:16, winning the event by more than 6 minutes.
  • Ron Longstaff

    Ron Longstaff

    Ron Longstaff, riding for Tyneside Vagabonds, won the second edition of the MTT in 1948, and again in 1954. He returned to ride the event in 2009 aged 80 and is the oldest rider to complete the MTT.
  • Martin Gibson

    Martin Gibson

    Martin Gibson rode and finished the Mountain TT in 21 consecutive events from 1993 until 2013, regularly placing in the top and winning the event in 2005.
  • David Cook

    David Cook

    Former National Road Race Champion David Cook won the Mountain TT on 3 consecutive occasions between 2000 and 2002.
  • Graeme Obree

    Graeme Obree

    Graeme Obree, who has too many accolades to mention, rode the event in 2007 on one of his unique bicycles. He finished 3rd after puncturing on the Gibbet, in what was his last solo time trial.
  • Ian Norris

    Ian Norris

    Ian Norris is one of 6 riders to have won the Mountain TT on 3 or more occasions, winning in 1986, 1989 and 1992.
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