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Club Role Definition – Website Administrator

The Website Administrator manages the club website.


  • Manage the hosting of the club website.
  • Renew the club's web domain name.
  • Apply software upgrades as required.
  • Ensure the website is backed up.
  • Develop additional features for the club website.
  • Manage other club IT solutions such as Image Gallery, Dropbox, and email service providers.
  • Assist other club members in creating content for the club website, and with online payments and subscriptions.


  • Expert IT and website skills.
  • Knowledge of good web content authoring.
  • Good organisational skills.
  • Knowledge of the Data Protection Act.

Commitment to the Club:

The Website Administrator can carry out most of their tasks from home on a computer.  The Website Administrator will need their own IT equipment. It is expected to take a couple of hours a week performing tasks necessary to administer the website.

The Club’s Commitment to You:

By accepting the role of Website Administrator, the club will commit to support you in this role, ensuring that members respect the positive contribution you are making to the club on a voluntary basis.

The club also commits to refunding any expenses necessarily incurred on behalf of the club in a timely manner.

Website Administrator Signature and Date:

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