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Club Role Definition – Go-Ride Volunteer Coordinator

The role of the Volunteer Coordinator is to oversee the delegation of roles and tasks within the club and to lead on the recruitment and retention of volunteers.


  • Get to know all club volunteers and potential volunteers.
  • Recruit volunteers to support the club's Go-Ride activities.
  • Ensure that all existing and potential volunteers have access to role descriptions.
  • Establish and manage a volunteer action plan.
  • Signpost volunteers to relevant training.
  • Motivate and develop the club's Go-Ride volunteers.
  • Recognise and nominate the club's volunteers for volunteer awards.
  • Report on the volunteer status at committee meetings and annual general meetings.


  • Good management skills.
  • Approachable and friendly.
  • Good listener and effective communicator.
  • Confident with good leadership skills.
  • Great organisational skills and good IT skills.
  • Able to delegate effectively.
  • Enthusiastic and a good motivator.
  • Knowledge of Data Protection Act.
  • Knowledge of external volunteer recognition awards.
  • An understanding of the club's Go-Ride actvities.

Commitment to the Club:

The Go-Ride Volunteer Coordinator will need you to regularly attend club events, to meet the supporters of the club. This will allow you to inform them about how they can get involved with the club and how getting involved will benefit them and the club.

The Go-Ride Volunteer Coordinator also needs to be a regular attendee at club committee meetings, which are held five times a year, and attend the Annual General Meeting.

The Go-Ride Volunteer Coordinator will need their own IT equipment. It is expected to take a couple of hours a week performing tasks necessary to carry out the role effectively.

The Club’s Commitment to You:

By accepting the role of Go-Ride Volunteer Coordinator, the club will commit to support you in this role, ensuring that members respect the positive contribution you are making to the club on a voluntary basis.

The club also commits to refunding any expenses necessarily incurred on behalf of the club in a timely manner.

Go-Ride Volunteer Coordinator Signature and Date:

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