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Club Role Definition – Social Secretary

The Social Secretary is the coordinator of the club's social events, leading a social sub-committee to organise successful social events to include the annual Presentation Night and President's Run.  The Social Secretary need not carry out all duties personally, but must ensure that they are all carried out within the sub-committee.


  • Organise the annual Presentation Night.
  • Organise the annual President's Run.
  • Organise other club social events.
  • Ensure the club trophies and medals are engraved for presentation.


  • Confident and effective communicator.
  • Great organisational / IT skills.
  • Ability to delegate duties.

Commitment to the Club:

The Social Secretary needs to be a regular attendee at club committee meetings, which are held five times a year, and attend the Annual General Meeting.

The Social Secretary has to be willing to be contacted via the club’s website.

Many tasks can be carried out from home on a computer, but it is recognised that a presence at club events may lead to greater attendance at club social events . The Club Secretary will need their own IT equipment.

The Club’s Commitment to You:

By accepting the role of SocialSecretary, the club will commit to support you in this role, ensuring that members respect the positive contribution you are making to the club on a voluntary basis.

The club also commits to refunding any expenses necessarily incurred on behalf of the club in a timely manner.

Social Secretary Signature and Date:

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