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Club Role Definition – Go-Ride Contact

The Club Go-Ride Contact is the co-ordinator for the Go-Ride activities of the club. This is a pivotal role in which the Go-Ride Contact carries out, or delegates, all the administrative duties that enable the Go-Ride section of the club to function effectively.


  • Be the first point of contact for all enquiries related to the club’s Go-Ride activities.
  • Liaise with members, post holders, and external agencies as required for Go-Ride activities.
  • Communicate Team selection opportunities to all relevant club members.
  • Coordinate Team selection, and communicate the selections to all relevant parties.


  • Confident and effective communicator.
  • Great organisational/IT skills.
  • Ability to delegate duties.
  • An understanding of the club’s development plan.
  • An understanding of the governance/standing orders.
  • Ability and knowledge to act as a spokesperson for the club.
  • Ability to be unbiased and impartial.

Commitment to Club:

The Go-Ride Contact needs to be a regular attendee at club committee meetings, which are held five times a year, and attend the Annual General Meeting.

The Go-Ride Contact has to be willing to have their contact details on the British Cycling website and the club’s website. This will enable prospective Go-Ride members to contact the Go-Ride Contact about how they can join the club.

The Go-Ride Contact must undertake training courses as specified by British Cycling.

Most tasks can be carried out from home on a computer. The Go-Ride Contact will need their own IT equipment. It is expected to take a couple of hours a week performing tasks necessary to administer the Go-Ride section of the club.

The Club’s Commitment to You:

By accepting the role of Go-Ride Contact, the club will commit to support you in this role, ensuring that members respect the positive contribution you are making to the club on a voluntary basis.

The club also commits to refunding any expenses necessarily incurred on behalf of the club in a timely manner.

Go-Ride Contact Signature and Date:

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