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Go-Ride Team

The Go-Ride Team of Martin Wells, Jeff Sylph, Nicola Tubby, Graham Tubby, Ritchie Case, Brian Craven, Pete Hodgson, Chris Heppell, and Sue Heppell have done a fantastic job of running the club's Go-Ride sessions over the past year.  The sessions are delivered year round, in all weathers and require a significant commitment from all involved including not just the delivery of the Saturday morning sessions themselves, but time attending planning meetings, attending coaching courses, and managing the administration and club membership for the Go-Ride section of the club.  In addition, a number of the coaches have also run additional coaching sessions for the adult membership of the club.  Roger Clarke

Bob Melrose

I'd like to nominate Bob Melrose.

Late last year I came along for a couple of trial rides with the TOGS before committing to join.  Bob is the reason I joined up.

Bob could not have been more encouraging, enthusiastic, caring and professional.  He really is an asset to the club.  He always plans the route well, taking into account differing levels of ability, the weather and to frequent different, local cafes which have superb food - he does not just choose somewhere functional but a place where we will be well looked after and have a superb lunch.

He nurses people up the hills and ensures the pace is a leisure ride but is able to split us into groups where necessary. Bob takes care of all the riders in his group, consistently putting safety first and I have found his hand signals clear and helpful, giving me the confidence to use them too.  Fiona Price

Mark Reed

I wish to nominate Mark Reed as the Club Person of the Year.

He has in my opinion, been the driving force behind the reintroduction of Cyclo Cross Racing to the club, as well as organising two events per year over the past three seasons. He has also been responsible for organising the open 100 TT, which was this year, because of roadworks, in danger of being cancelled, it was only because of his tireless determination that the event went ahead, much to the acclaim of the entrants. Although they had probably changed their mind about that given the conditions on the day.

He is also instrumental in the admin. of CXNE and the N&DCA TT series. Although this does not effect the running of the Vagabonds it gives the club a lot of kudos within the region.

All this above is carried out in a quiet and unassuming way typical of the man (known by me affectionately as the Quiet Man).  Bob Holywell

One of the greatest organisers on the north-east cycling scene, putting on the open 100 and 2 cyclocrosses every year, Mark's passion for the sport is endless. Mark is also on northeast committees such as the N&DCA, NECCL and CXNE, as well as training to be a BC commissaire. To top this off Mark has been one of the club's top performers in the TTs and cyclocross for a number of years.  Adam Hogarth

I'd like to nominate Mark Reed. Mark has organised some brilliant events this year; 2 cx races, and the 100 tt which sadly I couldn't ride in. Mark has put a lot of work into resurrecting the N&DCA, posting results and working out placings in the BAR punctually. If it wasn't for people like Mark we wouldn't get half as much enjoyment from our sport. Danny Winthorpe

Eileen Reid

Can I nominate Eileen Reid for club person of the year. She has done so much for the club, sorting Mallorca twice now and sorting all the kit out. Dealing with any kit problems and making sure that they were resolved to our benefit. I have no doubt organising Mallorca is difficult, so many different people's options to fit in, some people wanting different flights etc. Eileen has made it all work out nicely and even made sure we had lovely weather! I certainly appreciate the fact that all I have to do it cough up some money when requested.  Baz Rochester

Eileen has made an outstanding contribution to the club over the past year including:

  • Organisation of the Majorca trip
  • Club clothing, a thankless task when members take for granted she will be available at all hours of the day for them to collect items or even expect her to deliver them personally.
  • Organising the catering for the Mountain TT
  • Organising Engraving of the trophies each year for the club presentation night.

She regularly turns up to help at club events, e.g. bottle swap for the 100 mile TT, which involved getting up at 4:30 in the morning for no personal gain, signing on at the Cyclocross events and standing in at short notice to help at events to ensure these events continue to run.

Eileen gives a huge amount of her personal time to the club and for this I nominate her for club member of the year.  Graeme Gow

I'd like to nominate Eileen Reid as club 'man' of the year for making such a significant contribution to so many of the club's activities. Not only is Eileen the club clothing secretary, which is an extremely demanding role given the growth in club membership, she also organises the club's annual trip to Mallorca, is an active volunteer at club time trials and open events, arranges the engraving of club trophies and does a whole lot more.  Alan Dick

David Robinson

I would like to nominate Dave as club man of the year for his hard work organising the Mountain time trial and the fact that he has been an ambassador for the club while competing at many events.  Peter Schultz

Graham Tubby

Surely one of the club's unsung heros, always dedicating his time and helping out behind the scene at the go-ride events to improve the experience for the younger riders. Joe certainly has some back up team!  Adam Hogarth

Tania Tucker

My vote for club person of the year goes to Tan for the following reasons:

  • She leads by example
  • She is a good leader
  • She is consistently good at organising rides and events
  • She is good at letting others organise things too
  • She always responds to emails texts etc
  • She outs in a lot of time for the club
  • She has a great personality, sooo positive and a lovely person
  • She is consistent in her commitment to the club
  • She has a great sense of humour.  Angie Doughty

I'd like to nominate Tania Tucker for Club Person of the Year for all the work she has done in creating and running the Wags group. She has brought together a great group of women who enjoy cycling and socialising together and she works tirelessly to keep the momentum of the group going. Even when her work and training commitments mean that she can't cycle with the group for a while, she coordinates rides, books cafes and keeps in touch with everyone. She provides endless encouragement for us all and whenever we say we 'can't' she tells us we 'can'. With her support we've taken part in audax events, time trials and turned out in force to support other club events and cheer people on.

The Wags has become a fantastic part of the club and I'd like to see Tania get the recognition she deserves this year for her hard work and commitment to the group.  Michelle Wright

Danny Winthorpe

The person I would like to nominate is Danny Winthorpe, as I think he epitomizes all that is good in the Tyneside Vagabonds, and he is one of the two reasons that I joined the club.  Bob Melrose