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Fred Bushell

I wish to nominate Fred Bushell as clubman of the year. He, as not many people know, is 80 years young in a couple of weeks. Fred has turned out year after year at most of the club events and of course the club open events to assist and he is not really seen since he never pushes himself into the limelight. Fred is very dependable and he will always turns out when he has said he will, especially at the open events. John Oxnard

Ritchie Case

I would like to nominate Ritchie Case for club person of the year. Ritchie has managed to arrange continued sponsorship for the club during a difficult recession. He has also put lots of time into supporting Kyle, Jess and the Saturday rides as well as organising an event this year. The event was postponed due to bad weather, it was good of Ritchie to run the event again for the club rather than cancel it from the already shrinking NE calendar. Craig Fenwick

Elaine Dey

The time and commitment Elaine puts into the club clothing issue is commendable. Elaine participates enthusiastically on every weekend club ride and is always aware of anyone struggling, offering support and making the rest of the group aware. She makes new members feel welcome and is a real ambassador for the club. Steve Armstrong

I would like to nominate Elaine Dey. Many members will not be aware of the amount of time and effort Elaine puts into the club in organising the club clothing orders, and collecting in money, not to mention a constant stream of men visiting her house to take their clothes off and try on their new lycra - that alone deserves an award! Roger Clarke

Brian Finlay

I would like to nominate Brian Finlay. He regularly steps up to lead rides and was instrumental in making me feel welcome when I joined the club. Neale Evans

My vote goes to your typical unsung hero Vagabond ---- Brian Finlay. He quietly epitomizes the ethos of the club, in that he agreeably leads a group, virtually EVERY Saturday and looks after each rider individually. Brian is the real organizer of the new Mid-week rides, in choosing the café and it’s route. Bob Melrose

Ray Luckett

Over the years he has done quite a lot for the club re Turbo nights for example and work with youngsters. Never forgetting of course that he has been involved at both District @ national level for some time. Stuart Parsons

Ray works tirelessly throughout the year for the club. During the winter months Ray turns out in all weathers to run his legendary turbo training sessions and in the summer the organising of the club TTs. Additional Ray supports cycling in the region as a timekeeper and nationally as representative on CTT. Alan Holmes

Ray Luckett has been supporting cycling, both within the club and through his work with Cycling Time Trials at a local and national level, for many many years now. He always has time for those who seek his help, and in particular dedicates a huge amount of time to running activities for others, whether that is winter turbo sessions, timekeeping open time trials, organising the club time trial series, or arranging for the club trophies to be engraved. If it wasn't for Ray there would have been no club time trial series this year. Roger Clarke

Throughout the year Ray has given an enormous amount of his time to provide support to new club members. This includes running a couple of well attended bike maintenance sessions and helping people improve their riding position with ad-hoc bike fits.

But his commitment isn’t seasonal. Throughout the winter months, Ray runs his legendary turbo training sessions, demand for which is increasing despite the tales of pain and suffering. I believe Ray’s encouragement and support has been influential in many club members exceeding their season’s goals, including some that have gone on to become national champions.

Finally, in addition to being the regular timekeeper for club time trials, Ray also sits on the North East District CTT committee and the National TT committee, ensuring club views can be represented at these forums. Alan Dick

Bob Melrose

I nominate Bob Melrose for leading rides and organising the old blokes rides on Tuesdays and for always being cheerful. Danny Winthorpe

I'll nominate Bob Melrose for his committment to the club, his infectious enthusiasm and friendliness to all he comes into contact with. He is always willing to help out on the club rides 'rear gunner' Bob always makes sure no-one is left behind and offers a great deal of support to new members. Austin Wilcock

John Oxnard

As one of the members mainly responsible for reforming the Tyneside Vagabonds back in the 70's he continued to lead club runs as well as organising club events & successfully encouraging new members especially youngsters to join the club (this being a similar format to the club today). This was in addition to him promoting prestige events such as The Journal 2 Day & Olympic selection road race as well as his Milk Race involvement. While John has in recent years cut back on organising, his passion for cycling has not diminished and he can still be relied on for his light hearted banter. Neil McCormick

David Robinson

This year Dave set a new 25 mile club record and beat his own club record for the M105 course, being the first, and so far only, Vag to go under 23 minutes (a feat he achieved twice in the season). In addition, Dave has set 5 new Vets records.

Dave has also organised the Mountain Time Trial, the club’s flagship event, for the last two years. This year presented particular challenges due to bridge closures in Rothbury, requiring a change of start venue. But Dave’s excellent organisational skills ensured the event was another huge success. And if you need any further reason to vote for Dave, it’s worth noting that during the course of organising the MTT, Dave’s powers of persuasion proved so effective that the council sent a gang out to re-surface Middleton bank..!. Alan Dick

For some amazing times, smashing his own club record on the 10 course and bettering his own 25 mile club record by a huge 3 minutes. Also for putting on the MTT, certainly one of the most well organised events I have been to this season. Mark Reed

Andy Taylor

I think Andy has been very generous in supporting club events this year, either participating as a rider, marshalling and leading rides. Most importantly, he has been great at encouraging others (including giving me some great TT advice). He's always smiling and upbeat. To me, he embodies the spirit of the club and he's a model Vagabond. Ken Thursby

Jess Watts

National Champion for age group in first season of racing. What more can you say. Mark Reed

Danny Winthorpe

I would like to nominate Danny Winthorpe for getting me into the club and giving me a heads up and advice for my first events. Everyone in the club has been spot on and very friendly to me as a new member. James Burns