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Roger Clarke

The man has totally transformed the club in the last year through the club website and all of the general organising, which is one of the main reasons why most people have joined the Vags over other clubs in the last year. He puts so much effort in and from what we've heard he has been for years. Numerous people have commented on how quickly and efficiently the results go up after the club time trials, and this needs to be rewarded. Adam & Rob Hogarth

I wish to nominate Roger Clarke who, apart from carrying out his functions of club secretary and organising the time trials, has dragged the TVCC into the 21st century. The promotion of Saturday runs and the excellent website has resulted in scores of new members who have had an opportunity to sample club cycling with like colleagues. Well done Roger. Hugh Harrison

I would like to nominate Roger Clarke for all the hard work he has put in behind the scenes and for his dedication to the cause. Simon Gibbs

Ray Luckett

We would like to nominate Ray Luckett, considering his hard work throughout the year for everyone in the club who wishes to progress. Ray's training and advice is given all of the time. Whether that is at turbo nights in the winter, going all the way down to Birmingham for the GHS, or standing on a corner at an industrial estate at Cramlington, Ray will be there, and we definitely feel he needs some recognition for this. His training has paid off for everyone he has given it to. What a top bloke. Adam & Rob Hogarth

Ray has organised turbo sessions throughout the winter and training at Cramlington during the summer, as well as timekeeping and marshalling at club events. He has helped many club members to achieve their racing goals this year. Roger Clarke

Ray Ross

Ray Ross has been an invaluable member of the club this year. He has volunteered to help with the time trials throughout the year, putting the signs out and marshalling. He has also assisted with Ray's training sessions and has been a friendly face for new members on Saturday rides. He is the model club man. Roger Clarke

Kyle Watts

Kyle has represented the club in as many races as any other member this year. He has willingly accepted every piece of advice he has been offered, and has improved his racing throughout the year. In September he finished 4th in the 13 and under category of the GHS National Championship. Roger Clarke

Danny Winthorpe

I'd like to nominate Danny Winthorpe for club member of the year because he showed commitment to the club when asked to ride a 100 mile time trial which he had never done before, so that the club could win the N&DCA Championship. Also he's a canny bloke who loves the sport, rides all the events, and is friendly to everyone. He's a really good mascot for the club. Rob Hogarth