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The day was dry and bright but a little cool. Some riders were opting for arm warmers for the opening lap as there was quite a breeze blowing at the start of the event.

The first lap passed off without any drama. Then the wind started to change and by Ellington a head wind had blown up from the spine road to the turn. This section would get harder and harder as the laps went by. Thomas Heighton had come along to support form the Bassington bus stop. Quite a crowd of people had gathered to pass bottles to the riders. Thomas had brought his cow bell to encourage Dad and decided to ring it for all of the riders. One rider was not too happy to hear the bell at 50 miles. He shouted “was he on the last lap?” and was told he had two to go! The look on his face was priceless!

1Howard Heighton4:24:41
2Paul Murphy4:48:28
3Ray Ross5:12:46