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Adept Cycling 25

Post by Roger Clarke » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:12 pm

I should have posted this last weekend...

A couple of Vags results from last weekend's Adept 25. Martin Rasmussen and I travelled down to ride a fast Teesside course on the A19. For Martin it was a chance to have a go at getting under the hour for the first time, and for me a chance to see if I could get anywhere near my 25 PB from the mid-1990s.

We got to the event HQ on the day to find the course had been switched to a slower course but still on the A19. Martin had a start time 3 minutes ahead of mine, meaning that if he got under the hour and I caught him on the line I would almost certainly get a new PB under my current 56:57.

The first half to the turn was very fast with a tailwind, and my average speed at the turn was 28.5 mph. The bad news at the turn is that it is a slow turn back round over a bridge, followed by a couple of miles uphill into the wind. After a couple of miles I had Martin in sight but he took some catching, finally overtaking him with 5 miles to go. From there I had the luxury of knowing I just needed 25mph to the finish to set a PB, but knowing Martin would also need something close to that.

The happy news is that Martin finished in 59:26 and I finished with 55:43, so we were both delighted with the result but left wondering what might have been on the faster course.

I think Paul Rider was sadly a non finisher but haven't had a chance to catch up with him since.

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