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Terry Whatson
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Web site

Post by Terry Whatson »

For reasons that aren't entirely clear to me (new month?), the front page of the club web site viewed on a computer screen seems to have changed; it looks for all the world the same as what I get on a mobile device. There are additional pages which you can access on a computer by scrolling down to the row of numbers towards the bottom of the page and then clicking on a number. Number (Page) 2 brings up something more familiar, to me anyway.
You might see a "new website" link at the top left of Page 2. Work on the new web site has halted for now as the committee re-thinks the club's priorities.
This message may need to self-destruct if the web-site changes again . . . . . .

Gordon Atkinson
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Re: Web site

Post by Gordon Atkinson »

It seems to be back to how it was before the weekend, Anyone who was trying to renew over the weekend but couldn't may have more luck now. But there are still issues with club emails that we are trying to get to the bottom of.
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Re: Web site

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Upgrades, apparently . .. . .otherwise known as mysteries beyond my ken . . .
Club e-mails now sorted though.

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