Training Rides 2016 - The P.I.G.

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Quentin Field-Boden
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Re: Training Rides 2016 - The P.I.G.

Post by Quentin Field-Boden » Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:50 pm


The merry band is growing steadily, this looks to be a runner. The current rider list can be accessed at the link below:

I have added a "F" after the names of people who I am connected with on Facebook, I will send those individuals an invitation shortly to join the Facebook Group called "Mini Studio + TVCC P.I.G." which is where I've been posting stuff up until now about indoor training, I will add P.I.G. events to that group. If I am not already connected to you on Facebook and you are a Facebook user then send me a friend request which I will accept and I can then add you to the group.

If you do choose to hook up on Facebook you will receive information via Facebook about these rides and can view the group. If you choose not to accept, or do not use Facebook, then I will still be posting basic ride information to the TVCC forum. I am adding the Facebook option because I find Facebook Events a convenient and simple way to receive information. Anyone can of course leave the Facebook group at any time!

I will try to get the group invites out this evening and start adding more detail to things once that is done.

PS: - Updated @ 21:13 29/04/2016. I have now added all the people I am currently associated with on Facebook to the "Mini Studio + TVCC P.I.G." Facebook Group. If you choose to accept that invitation you will receive P.I.G. updates via Facebook. For folks not wishing to use Facebook I will post basic details to this forum.

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Roger Clarke
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Re: Training Rides 2016 - The P.I.G.

Post by Roger Clarke » Wed May 11, 2016 12:36 pm

I've created a new sub-forum for Training underneath the Race Team forum as it makes sense to have a place dedicated to training that supports those racing, as that is what these are rather than social club rides. All P.I.G. topics have been moved across to the new forum.

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