North East Track Championship

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Graham Tubby
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North East Track Championship

Post by Graham Tubby » Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:33 am

The North East track champs took place on Sunday at Middlesborough velodrome, despite strong winds and one very heavy rain shower a great time was had by all, riders and spectators alike.
3 young Vagabonds were taking part, Dan Holmes, Chris Bush and our Joe.
Joe had his first crack at match sprints and despite not exactly having the build (or the gearing) of a track sprinter managed to take a couple of scalps and somehow finished in the top half overall and 3rd in the regional sprint champs. Highlight of the day for me, and many others, was Joe v Chris in the sprint heats. As soon as the race was announced it became know as the the "Vags club sprint chaps" or the "master v the apprentice" among the spectators. It was a great race race to watch, a tactical build up with a thrilling finish. There is a video of the last lap or so of the race on the Middlesborough track league Facebook page for anyone interested in the result.
Young Dan, despite being known as a "distance specialist" lately after his audax exploits was his usual self on the track. Its like watching a terrier! If theres an attack he'll chase it, if theres not he goes on the attack himself. Great to watch, you never know what he's going to do next. Ever the entertainer.
The big race as far as Joe was concerned was the regional track championship race. A 20k (yes, thats 80 laps!) scratch race. Being late in the day a small field of 10 or so riders lined up for the start and after 20 laps there was a clear group of 4 riders working together and riding away from the rest. Joe was among the 4 riders with the other 3 all being from the ever successful Brother NRG team. He held his own and the last 40 laps was like watching a mega fast 4 up team tt. When it came down to the sprint there was nothing left in his legs but considering the company he was in, finishing on the same lap for 4th place was an incredible achievement and he was delighted. Onwards and upwards.

Sue Jessett
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Re: North East Track Championship

Post by Sue Jessett » Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:36 pm

Only sorry to miss this one ! Glad we have plenty of track league evenings left to go !

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